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This blog is about what I care about, health and the body.

What are we without our body? And no I do not mean to start a philosophical debate. I mean we are our body, let’s not forget about this, and so we should take care of it as our most precious belonging.

Smoking, binge drinking or eating, sleep deprivation, overexposure to the sun, and many more, are negative constraints we impose on our body, leading to faster tear and wear.

On the other hand, good nutrition, regular exercise including cardio, good sleeping habits, meditation and more, all lead to increasing our longevity. Think about it! As this topic is close to my heart, this is why I have setup this blog to talk about such issues.



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    I try my best to only publish information that is 100% verified and scientifically proven.
    With the rise of fake news on the Internet, you have to be careful about what you read and here you are very safe, as all of it is 100% accurate.
    Here there is nothing other than facts related to important health issues that affect all of us nowadays!
    And this content may not be known to most readers, as this is not what the leading media outlets want you to hear, as they all have their hidden agenda, defending the interest of large corporations such as the pharmaceutical industry.

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